Stretching along the west coast of St Lucia is the Soufriere Marine Management Area (SMMA) and the Canaries & Anse La Raye Marine Management Area (CAMMA) – the first marine management areas of  their kind in the Eastern Caribbean. With superb scenery, healthy and diverse coral reefs, valuable fish stocks and attractive beaches extending all the way from Marigot Bay to Anse L’Ivrogne, there is plenty to manage and protect.

The Soufriere Marine Management Association is a self-sustained not-for-profit NGO authorized by the Government of St. Lucia to manage both SMMA and CAMMA. Mandated to conserve and protect the natural marine environment, the Association also ensures sustainable use and development of the Areas, particularly within the fishing and tourism sectors.

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In an area so ecologically diverse and with an economy predominantly based on agriculture, fishing and tourism, the SMMA and CAMMA were originally established amidst resource use conflict to manage for unique and critical environments, and promote sustainable development through the maintenance of environmental, social and economic balance.  Locations within the area are zoned to manage for this balance

·        Marine Reserves

·        Fishing Priority Areas

·        Multiple Use Area

·        Yacht Mooring Areas and

·        Recreational Areas.  

The Soufriere Marine Management Association are partnering with the Australia Caribbean Coral Reef Collaboration to develop and implement an Outlook Report for the region. The project will explore the application of Outlook reporting to integrated coastal management and as a framework for engaging communities and policy-makers in formulating a shared vision and priorities for sustainable development and management of coastal coral reefs ecosystems in a changing climate. Learn more about the Soufriere Marine Management Association at www.smma.org.lc 

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